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Political and economic agendas of armed groups in intrastate conflicts - four approaches and their implications for constructive conflict resolution

Seminar concept

The seminar will focus on case studies of intrastate conflicts and will compare different theoretical approaches, which attempt to explain the genesis and dynamics of armed groups from different perspectives. The participants will be encouraged to analyze the impact of negotiations in each specific case and will discuss possible reasons for the success or failure of negotiations based on conclusions draw from four different approaches.

Exposé for a block seminar: introduction to the topic, seminar concept, required reading. (PDF document)

The role of humanitarian assistance in armed conflict - dilemmas and opportunities

Introduction to the topic and intended audience

The study of humanitarian assistance in armed conflict is not only highly relevant for students of political science or peace and conflict studies who are planing a career in a humanitarian organization. It is equally important from an academic point of view. Ever since the end of the Cold War, it has become evident that humanitarian activities can have an immense impact on armed conflict. In recent years, influential donors and the military have shown an increasing tendency to instrumentalize humanitarian organizations for their strategic objectives. Therefore, humanitarian aid is an important factor, that must be taken into consideration when conducting a thorough conflict analysis. This can help understand the dynamics of armed conflict, and pave the way for constructive conflict resolution.

Thematic blocks of the seminar

  1. History, actors and principles of humanitarian assistance
  2. Dilemmas of humanitarian assistance
  3. Political instrumentalization of humanitarian assistance
  4. The role of the military in humanitarian assistance

Exposé for a block seminar: introduction to the topic, methodology, seminar structure, required reading. (PDF document)

Radio interview with Dr. Bernward auf dem Kampe

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